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Guide to the Doomsday Dimensions Universe 
8th-Sep-2006 01:01 am
The Doomsday Dimensions Series: Set in "Pete's World", this series chronicles the adventures of Rose and the alt!Eighth Doctor.

Doomsday Dimensions: In Rose's parallel universe, Rose meets a parallel Doctor. But he's not the man she knew - currently in his Eighth incarnation, he exists in a universe untouched by a Time War.
The Restaurant at the End of the Multiverse: The Restaurant is a place to greet, eat...and meet?
Prometheus: With the best of intentions, the Alt!Eighth Doctor destroyed the universe's future. But he and Rose find that mistakes are easier to make than undo.
The Emerald City: Can the Doctor and Rose make it to the opera on time? Can they find the source of a temporal paradox before it destroys everything? And, most importantly, can they find a decent cup of tea in this town, or will they have to make do with coffee?
Strange Attractors: The universe is coming apart - is it the Doctor's fault again? And why is Rose so angry with him?

Guide to the people, places, and things found in this universe.  Major spoilerage for the first four stories.

Rose:  Living in a post-Doomsday universe, parallel to our own.  Had been working for Torchwood and trying to live an ordinary life--until she met the Alt!Eighth Doctor and invited herself along for the ride.   The current Rose is the 2.0 version; 1.0 died trying to save the Doctor.

Alt!Eighth Doctor:  The parallel universe's parallel Doctor.  Blue eyes and long brown ringlets.  Wears a green velvet frock coat, brocaded waistcoat and a silk cravat.  Absent-minded and kind-hearted.   Version 8.5, technically, as he died (without possibility of regeneration) of a paradoxical Vortex energy intoxication.  Fortunately, he had the presence of mind to blow up his own TARDIS in the right place at the right time. 

Alt!Jack:  Loverboy, con-artist, and thief.  Stole the Kaleds' Dark Energy technology; and, through an error involving the Time Vortex and a transmat beam, landed in present-day Seattle, where he developed Dark Energy technology.  He thought it would avert global warming.  Instead, he killed his own grandparents via blowing up the Earth.  Paradox!  Oops.

Eta Carinae:  Most massive star in the universe, giving rise to the largest supernova and resultant black hole.   Powerful gravitational forces around the star split off a fragment of the Doctor's and Rose's timelines into a closed time loop, essentially creating copies of themselves.

Time Loop: Deja vu all over again.  Inhabitants of a Time Loop are permanently shut off from the rest of the universe.  Unless, say, you explode a TARDIS next to them...

The TARDIS:  Now with an upgraded chameleon circuit.  It's invisible, much to the Doctor's dismay.  Version 2.0 as above, yadda yadda yadda.

The Sonic Screwdriver:  Smashed!  Alas.

Councillor Romana:  Erstwhile Lady President of Gallifrey and Doctor's companion.

Chronotis, Lord President of Gallifrey:  Formerly Professor Chronotis, of Cambridge.  Even more absent-minded that the Doctor.  Is rumoured to have other names--although, at this point, he's probably forgotten what they were!

Chancellor Nequamlupus:  Believes fervently in law and order…but justice?  Not so much.  Swatted like a bug into deep space (and there was much rejoicing).

Dr Caligarian: The indefinite article--a doctor, not The Doctor.   As a Gallifreyan physician, formerly spent most of his time playing zero-gravity golf.   Is now something of an expert in paleo-parasitology.

The Master:  The Doctor's old friend and arch-nemesis.  Like a bad penny, he keeps coming back again and again and again...

Time War:  Hasn't happened--yet?   This is why Alt!Eight is Alt!Eight and not Alt!Nine.

Daleks:  No Daleks in this universe.   Alt!Eight successfully destroyed them and their creator, at the behest of the Time Lords.  Imagine if in Genesis of the Daleks, the Doctor had said, "Do I have the right?   Do I have the--sod it, bzzzzzzzt!"

Kaleds:  Almost identical in appearance to Daleks, but much better-tempered.  Peaceful, altruistic engineers and scientists.  Developed a way to harness Dark Energy, but promised to abandon it at the behest of the Doctor, who gave them the key to Graviton theory instead.  Now capable of time travel.  Not at all happy with the Time Lords, who've been mucking about in their history far too often!

Thals: A humanoid race, who once fought a thousand-year war with the Kaleds.  Chemical and radiation contamination from the war made the Kaleds evolve to be physically weak but mentally brilliant.  By contrast, the Thals became physically powerful and mentally--well, not so brilliant.

The Web of Time: Composed of chronotons, elementary particles with imaginary mass, artificially arranged in an orderly multi-dimensional lattice, by Rassilon, the founder of Time Lord Society.  The Web of Time ensures causality (i.e., effects rationally follow causes) and also makes time travel possible.   Paradoxes can warp or tear the Web of Time, and then...well...things can get a little bit messy.

The Time Vortex:  The parts of the Web of Time that exist orthogonally to our own four physical dimensions.   Allows TARDISes to make short hops from a distant part of spacetime to another, without those tedious relativistic effects. 

Vortex Energy:  Free, highly energetic chronotons, able to attach themselves to any part of the Web of Time.  Rassilon altered them to be responsive to patterns in humanoid synapses.  Form part of the "heart" of a TARDIS.  Chronotons that have been affected by a paradox spin in a Mobius strip pattern, and are highly toxic when combined with "real" chronotons, a bit like matter and antimatter.

Dark Energy:  The force that makes stars and galaxies accelerate away from each other.  Harnessing Dark Energy produces more of it, causing faster and faster acceleration.   Weaponised Dark Energy is one of the most destructive forces in the universe.

Big Rip:  Excessive Dark Energy causes galaxies, stars, and planets to hurtle away from one another so quickly that eventually the fabric of space and time breaks down.  Everything is ripped apart and annihilated.

Graviton theory:  Its equations make it possible to harness almost limitless energy from black holes--and travel through time and space.  The Kaleds attempted to solve these equations for many years before giving up and moving on to Dark Energy.

Shada:  The Time Lords' prison planet.  Unauthorised entry is punishable by matter dispersion.  There is no authorised entry.

The Restaurant at the End of the Multiverse:  Set at a universal node, i.e., where all parallel universes collapse together again.  On the restaurant, however, artificial barriers between realities keep you from meeting your parallel selves.  As for the Proprietor--aaaaaaaaay, whatsamatta with you?  Other planets have a New Joisey, too.  Fuhgeddaboudit!
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8th-Sep-2006 05:34 pm (UTC)
See, here's the scary bit...

...I don't need crack.
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8th-Sep-2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
Heh. He probably deserves an entry here.
22nd-Nov-2011 03:50 am (UTC) - PLEAE DO NOT DIE!
I have to tell you how much I have fallen in love with your stories! They are so amazing and I do not want to accept that they ended! I read them all, the realized that they were written six years ago! So, the possibility that this most amazing storyline was going to continue was close to none.
I am crushed that there will no longer be an amazing story, unless I am missing something very important here. I really hope to see more and I will keep checking in and telling you how much I love your stories. Thank you!
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